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Open ended (play and learn by trial and error)

Simply mags come in various colors and shapes. They have magnets on all sides and they work perfectly in building 3D shapes beautifully on light tables. It’s one of a kind when it comes to hands on learning.

Simply mags develop a whole range of skills :


It’s endless with simply mags , our tiles can be used in so many different ways, every time your child plays with them, it  allows them to express their emotions and work through different feelings


As Albert Einstein once said “ Imagination is more important than knowledge”, so what can you build with simply mags ? A castle? A plane? A camera? An animal? Or a dollhouse?  You may be surprised with what they can come up with. Add Simply Mags to other open-ended resources, other materials or loose parts to extend play even further

Magnetic Force

Playing with simply mags is not only interesting but it allows children to discover the magnetic force, it’s also a great way to learn about the attraction properties of two magnets with opposite poles. Watch them repel when they try and place two magnets of same pole.

Co-operation & Teamwork

Don’t you just love watching your children or your students playing together in a group with open-ended resource? 

Simply mags are the perfect open-ended resource to have at home or in the classroom to encourage teamwork and co-operation.

Self Esteem

The sense of pride, accomplishment and excitement children experience when they have built something, they are proud of is a wonderful way for children to build on their own self-esteem.

Mathematical Skills

As children have the ability to build two and three-dimensional shapes allowing them to visualize three-dimensional creations. Shape recognition, building and construction skills, patterning skills, sorting and stacking, learning about symmetry, learning about mathematical and spatial relationships.

It’s a great tool for parents and educators to introduce different mathematical concepts in fun and exciting way. We Know That Each Child is unique and have their own learning preferences and we acknowledge it! 

Problem Solving

Learning to solve problem is a tricky skill for a child to acquire and it takes time and practice to develop. While playing with simply mags; children can explore this concept as they navigate building structures either alone or with friends, working out the most effective way to achieve their building ideas and designs.


Gross & fine motor skills

Did you know that physical development in one of the prime areas in statuary framework of early years (UK). developing gross and fine motor skills are prerequisites to effective pencil grip and handwriting . When building with Simply Mags , children are using these skills to stretch , bend, reach , grasp , pinch and so much more!.

Language Skills

Play is a wonderful opportunity for children to develop and practice their language skills. Through play; children can not only explore their own speech but also listen to others and join in a discussion.

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